Bread Box, Breakfast Box, Food Storage Box

 Bread Box, Food Storage Box

Product details of Bread Box / Breakfast Box/ Food Storage Box

  • SECURE SEALING: protecting your baked goods from air and water while keeping it fresh.
  • The spill proof covers prevent sauces or dressings from spilling.
  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: Our BPA free clear plastic containers and lids are made in IRAN, renowned for top quality kitchen goods.
  • They are good for the environment, good for you, and safe for the family!
  • STACK ABLE LID DESIGN: Have lots of leftovers buns and Kaiser rolls? Our lids’ special non-slip design allows you to stack these bread bins fear-free, wherever they fit, 
  • Say goodbye to painful scrubbing
  • Length : 12 Inches , Width : 5.25 Inches and Height : 4.75 Inches
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