Portable Clothes Storage Bag Fordable Organization

 Portable Clothes Storage Bag Fordable Organization

Product details of Portable Clothes Storage Bag Fordable Organization

  • Material: The storage bag contains bamboo charcoal cloth and non-woven fabric, which can better prevent moisture and bacteria, so that the clothes are in a dry and sterile environment, and always keep our health.
  • Transparency: The transparent window design on the front makes it easy for us to find clothing.
  • Foldability: Fold or fold under the bed or in a drawer when not in use - Zip closures protect against dust, insects, water damage and odors.
  • No debris storage: for seasonal clothing, blankets, festive decorations, toys, photos, etc. - Suitable for home, college dorms, wardrobes, bedrooms, basements, lofts, under-bed storage.
  • Light carrying belt: large in size but light in weight, with a solid handle on both sides, soft to the touch, it will not cause pain in your hand, so you can carry it to any place you want.

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